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Joy Layne - Your Wild Heart - Mercury 71038

Joy Layne (born Joy Lynne Nagl on November 11, 1941) is an American pop singer from Brookfield, IL. The 15 year-old Lyons Township High School sophomore signed a contract with Mercury Records A&R Art Talmadge in the offices at 35 E. Wacker Drive in Chicago.  Talmadge recalled to the TV Radio Mirror “She was bouncy and bright-eyed and carried her mascot, this squeaky toy dog Brownie”.  She was told to change her last name to a variation of her middle name.  Joy’s dad was a construction worker but at home a violinist and piano picker.  Joy’s mother was involved in local theatre productions.  Joy appeared on The Vic Damone Show and has traveled 47 states along with a 12-week U.S.O. tour of military bases.  She was married in 1965, but kept performing through the seventies.




01/1957 Mercury 71038 (with Carl Stevens and his orchestra)

  • “Your Wild Heart” (James Testa, Charles Sano)
  • “Dum-Dum” (W. Weidler, G. Weidler, W. Weidler)


03/1957 Mercury 71080 (with Carl Stevens and his orchestra)

  • “You Gave Me Wings To Fly” (Shapiro, Livingston)
  • “After School” (Wolf, Nadel)


06/1957 Mercury 71136 (with Carl Stevens and his orchestra)

  • “Sixteen” (C. Gordon, G. Gordon)
  • “My Suspicious Heart” (H. Baker, J. Sway)


08/1957 Mercury 71174 (with Carl Stevens and his orchestra)

  • “My First Broken Heart”
  • “Just A Memory”


12/1958 Mercury 71392

  • “Foolishly” (J. Averbach)
  • “Meet Me At My Locker” (Colleen Lovett, T. Phillips)


11/1960 Phil Tone 1104

  • “Yellow Bird” (Norman Luboff, Marilyn Keith, Alan Bergman)
  • “Moments To Remember” (Robert Allen, Al Stillman)


12/1961 Lucky Four 1013

  • “Bad Girl”
  • “Why Lie” (J. Richard, J. Burgess)


Music Charts

Your Wild Heart – Joy Layne

  • 02/06/1957 Billboard Top 100 debut and peaked at #30
  • 02/13/1957 Billboard Most Played In Juke Boxes #20
  • 02/18/1957 WJJD Top Forty Tunes of Greater Chicago #16
  • 03/09/1957 The Cash Box Top 50 Best Selling Tunes On Records #29


After School – Joy Layne

  • 04/20/1957 The Cash Box Top 60 Best Selling Tunes On Records #35
  • 05/13/1957 WJJD Top Forty Tunes of Greater Chicago #24


Brookfield Citizen (Newspaper)

Thursday, February 14, 1957
Joy Layne Joy the little girl who flew up overnight to record star has ft busy schedule …

Thursday, March 14, 1957
Joy Layne At Sharclub Fete …

Thursday, March 21, 1957
Joy Layne is the Feature RBHS Evenings Program Emerald Moonlight …

Thursday, April 4, 1957
Joy Layne On Winchell New York …

Thursday, April 11, 1957
Joy Layne to be Featured at Fair On the Navy Pier …

Thursday, June 13, 1957
Joy Layne Featured In Chicago CYO Show …

Wednesday, August 7, 1957
Joy Layne to Appear In Fair Presentation …

Thursday, March 11, 1965
Joy Layne is doing a repeat at Club Algiers on Ogden …


Joy Layne - Vic Damone TV Show 7-17-1957


TV Appearance

  • 07/17/1957 The Vic Damone Show (Season 2 Episode 3) CBS


Joy Layne 1957 Lyons Township High School Tabulae


Published songs

“Little Santito” …words Dee Alan / music Joy Layne …Lennie LaCour Music Co, 30Sep58


Joy Layne Mercury 710X45 (1957)



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