Stacy Ann Baker

The Stacy Ann Baker Memorial Scholarship

To go to a female student who exemplifies the spirit of competition
Stacy held in her heart.

make checks payable to:
Lyons Township High School
on the check’s memo line write:
The Stacy Ann Baker Scholarship Fund
For more information, please contact the College Coordinator 
Lyons Township High School – District 204


C r i t e r i a

  • A female student who exemplifies the spirit of competition Stacy held in her heart
  • Earned an overall 2.75 G.P.A. (based on 4.0 scale) 
  • Participated in extra-cirricular activities
  • Demonstrated outstanding character, citizenship, and integrity
  • Two letters of recommendation from high school faculty members familiar with the accomplishments and interests of the student

P r o c e d u r e s

  • Provide a letter of application
  • Describe your career and educational plans
  • List your community, school, and volunteer activities
  • Summarize your need for financial assistance
  • Briefly, state why you would be the suitable recipient of this award

Contact the LT College Coordinator for more information and the date on which completed applications are due. Submit applications directly to the LTHS College/Career Center.

College Coordinator
Lyons Township High School
100 S Brainard Ave 
Room 148
LaGrange, IL 60525

A committee representing the Baker family will select the recipient and notify LTHS in time for inclusion in the Senior Honors Assembly


Recipients of the Stacy Ann Baker Memorial Scholarship

Lyons Township High School Seal

LTHS Senior Honors Program

1999-2000 Emily McInerney
2000-2001 Sarah Allison
2001-2002 Krista Rue
2002-2003 Sarah Doyle
2003-2004 Elizabeth Pedziwiatr
2004-2005 Melissa Goslawski
2005-2006 Maureen Burke
2006-2007 Carmen Young
2007-2008 Michelle Walker
2008-2009 Grace Fisher
2009-2010 Elif Geris
2010-2011 Kimberly Schrepfer
2011-2012 Sarah Peters
2012-2013 Madeleine Emrich
2013-2014 Brittany Svoboda
2014-2015 Victoria Swift, Sandricka Wilson
2015-2016 Allison Leach
2016-2017 Kourtney Lashley
2017-2018 Colleen Kirby
2018-2019 Roxolana Kronshtal
2019-2020 Elena Leon
2020-2021 Nia Harrington
2021-2022 Tiana Bojic
2022-2023 Charlotte Lange


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